Manufacturer and/or Brand Name Owner

    Brand Model No     Volts BTU/hr Amps EER
Show details for [<A HREF='javascript:go("1")'>]Adir International LLC dba La Curacao[</A>]Adir International LLC dba La Curacao
Show details for [<A HREF='javascript:go("2")'>]Airwell-Fedders Appliances[</A>]Airwell-Fedders Appliances
Show details for [<A HREF='javascript:go("3")'>]Amana Room Air Conditioners[</A>]Amana Room Air Conditioners
Show details for [<A HREF='javascript:go("4")'>]Bigwall Enterprises Inc.[</A>]Bigwall Enterprises Inc.
Show details for [<A HREF='javascript:go("5")'>]Canadian Tire[</A>]Canadian Tire
Show details for [<A HREF='javascript:go("6")'>]Carrier Corporation[</A>]Carrier Corporation
Show details for [<A HREF='javascript:go("7")'>]Climate Control Technologies PC[</A>]Climate Control Technologies PC
Show details for [<A HREF='javascript:go("8")'>]Crosley Corporation[</A>]Crosley Corporation
Show details for [<A HREF='javascript:go("9")'>]Danby Products LTD[</A>]Danby Products LTD
Show details for [<A HREF='javascript:go("10")'>]Electrolux Home Products, NA[</A>]Electrolux Home Products, NA
Show details for [<A HREF='javascript:go("11")'>]Friedrich Air Conditioning Company[</A>]Friedrich Air Conditioning Company
Show details for [<A HREF='javascript:go("12")'>]GD Midea Air-Conditioning Equipment Co., LTD.[</A>]GD Midea Air-Conditioning Equipment Co., LTD.
Show details for [<A HREF='javascript:go("13")'>]GE Consumer & Industrial[</A>]GE Consumer & Industrial
Show details for [<A HREF='javascript:go("14")'>]Haier America Trading LLC.[</A>]Haier America Trading LLC.
Show details for [<A HREF='javascript:go("15")'>]Haier America[</A>]Haier America
Show details for [<A HREF='javascript:go("16")'>]Heat Controller, Inc.[</A>]Heat Controller, Inc.
Show details for [<A HREF='javascript:go("17")'>]Home Hardware Stores, Ltd. [</A>]Home Hardware Stores, Ltd.
Show details for [<A HREF='javascript:go("18")'>]H.E Industrial LTD.[</A>]H.E Industrial LTD.
Show details for [<A HREF='javascript:go("19")'>]International Refrigeration Products, Inc.[</A>]International Refrigeration Products, Inc.
Show details for [<A HREF='javascript:go("20")'>]JC Global Inc.[</A>]JC Global Inc.
Show details for [<A HREF='javascript:go("21")'>]LF Centrennial Pte., LTD[</A>]LF Centrennial Pte., LTD
Show details for [<A HREF='javascript:go("22")'>]LG Electronics, Inc.[</A>]LG Electronics, Inc.
Show details for [<A HREF='javascript:go("23")'>]Living Direct Inc.[</A>]Living Direct Inc.
Show details for [<A HREF='javascript:go("24")'>]Meijer Inc.[</A>]Meijer Inc.
Show details for [<A HREF='javascript:go("25")'>]Sears Roebuck and Company[</A>]Sears Roebuck and Company
Show details for [<A HREF='javascript:go("26")'>]Sears, Roebuck and Company[</A>]Sears, Roebuck and Company
Show details for [<A HREF='javascript:go("27")'>]Sharp Electronics Corporation[</A>]Sharp Electronics Corporation
Show details for [<A HREF='javascript:go("28")'>]The Home Depot[</A>]The Home Depot
Show details for [<A HREF='javascript:go("29")'>]Whirlpool Corporation[</A>]Whirlpool Corporation
Show details for [<A HREF='javascript:go("30")'>]Zalmen Reiss & Associates Inc.[</A>]Zalmen Reiss & Associates Inc.