The AHAM Certification Program for Dehumidifiers

The Dehumidifier Certification Program is sponsored by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM).

The program's purpose is to assure the end user that the water removal capacity and energy factor claimed for a dehumidifier which carries the AHAM Certification Seal is accurate.

The water removal capacity and energy factor of a dehumidifier are certified by the manufacturer under the terms of the program, and the testing organization checks the performance of random samples taken from factory, warehouse and/or dealer showrooms throughout the nation.

The terms of the program require that the manufacturer advertise, promote, or otherwise claim only the number of pints of water the dehumidifier can remove from room air in 24 hours at 80ºF and 60% relative humidity – when tested in accordance with ANSI/AHAM DH-1 Standard (AHAM's Dehumidifier Standard).

The program is open to all manufacturers, both members and non-members of AHAM, as well as to entities that market private brand models. Participation is voluntary. As the sponsor and the verifying authority of the program, AHAM retains a laboratory (Intertek - ETL SEMKO) to administer the testing of sample units and verification of data.

Defining What is Being Certified

Only the water removal capacity and energy factor are certified. No implication should ever be made that the seal certifies any other feature or performance factor.

Test Procedures Verify Accuracy of Ratings

The laboratory under contract to AHAM schedules the testing of representative units to determine compliance with the applicable requirements of ANSI/AHAM DH-1 and the AHAM Prodcedural Guide for this program.

Rated Capacity Test

The rated capacity test of the dehumidifier shall be based upon tests outlined in ANSI/AHAM DH-1, Section 7, under the following rated conditions:

   Dry-bulb Temperature ……………………… 80ºF
   Wet-bulb Temperature …………………….. 69.6ºF
   Relative Humidity …………………………… 60%

The water removal capacity and the energy factor of any dehumidifier under certification must not be less than 95% of its claimed rating.

The tolerance is included in the AHAM Dehumidifier
Certification Program to allow for slight variations in (1) the manufacture of component parts and (2) laboratory measurements.

Definition of the Seal

The AHAM Dehumidifier Certification Seal is the mark issued by AHAM to all manufacturers and private brand sellers of dehumidifiers who are licensees in a program under which the manufacturer certifies that the water removal capacity ratings and the energy factor of all dehumidifiers bearing this mark are determined and accurately stated in accordance with the requirements of ANSI/AHAM DH-1 and the AHAM Prodcedural Guide for this program.

Application of the Seal to Units

Participants are required to affix, or have affixed, the certification seal to all their certified dehumidifiers only at the time and place of manufacture of the dehumidifier.


AHAM's Directory of Certified Dehumidifiers is a listing of current program models of each participating licensee in AHAM's Dehumidifier Certification Program. Upon receipt of complete information for new or updated certified models from the AHAM certification program participants, the data contained in this on-line Directory is normally updated within 7 business days. A PDF downloadable copy of the directory is posted to the on-line directory website

For information on any certified model not listed in this directory, please contact:

   AHAM Dehumidifier Certification Program
   Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers
   1111 19th Street, N.W., Suite 402
   Washington, DC 20036
   Telephone: 202/872-5955

Inquiries and Comments

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Certification Program should be directed to AHAM.
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